Upholstery Cleaning Hopewell NJ

December 29, 2023

We Clean Upholstery The Other Cleaners Turn Down

White On White ♦ Brocade ♦ Chenille ♦ Chintz ♦ Cotton    Crepe ♦ Damsk ♦ Jacquard ♦ Linen ♦  Micro-Fiber ♦  Satin ♦ Leather ♦ Silk ♦ Suede ♦ Velvet ♦ Wool & More

Plus we expertly clean all kinds of  couches, chase lounges, love seats, high back chairs, lounge chairs, ottomans and dining  room chairs

Our Premium Upholstery Cleaning Service Includes: 

Expert Pre-Inspection  We will perform special tests by a an IICRC certified senior inspector, master cleaner and master restorer to  determine whether your fine fabrics are color, water and/or solvent fast. We will also point out any potential permanent stains or areas of concern such as wear and fading.

Unlike other companies, we absolutely, positively, guarantee you no shrinkage , no color loss, and no fabric damage of any kind on any carpet, draperies or upholstery tested and accepted as cleanable under our exclusive system of restoration

Area Preparation We will prepare the area where the fabrics will be cleaned to protect your wood or stone floors or other surrounding areas

Commercial Pre-Vacuum  Dry soil will be removed by a thorough vacuuming

Pre-Treat  Depending on your fabric, a special solution will be custom formulated to emulsify soil

FREE Pet Odor Treatment  If needed, your fabric will be treated for basic pet odor at no charge

Pre-Spot  Any potentially difficult spots will be treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal

Soil Extraction & Rinse  Your soil is then extracted from your fabric by a gentle controlled rinse or by another appropriate method

Neutralize  Your fabric will then be PH balanced to maintain it’s soft, fresh feel.

Post Spot  Any remaining spots will be treated with advanced stain removal procedures

Allguard™ Sanitizer When appropriate, your upholstery will be treated with our exclusive kid, pet and earth safe sanitizing, NO-SCENT deodorizer that inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, dust mites, fungi, mold and odors. You fine fabrics will smell as fresh and clean as they look   

FREE Fabric & UV Protection Our exclusive Allguard ™ fabric protector with UV inhibitors will be applied to your fine furnishing to protect them from spots, soil and sun fading

Post Cleaning Inspection We will review the cleaning results with you to insure that your expectations have been met or exceeded

Dry In An Hour In most cases, your fabrics will be dry in about an hour for immediate use

One Year Written Warranty Your fabrics will be protected by our one year written warranty. If any of your spots come back, so will we !

For a FREE no-obligation textile or floor covering consultation anywhere in Hopewell NJ and surrounding areas Ring 609-586-5833  Now

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