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Residential Carpet Cleaning Packages

We have several residential carpet cleaning packages that are tailored to fit your needs and your lifestyle. They include:

A Free Certified Inspection   and consultation by an IICRC Certified Textile Inspector & Master Restorer( a $250 Value)

Professional Vacuuming with a commercial heavy duty vacuum equipped with a special anti -allergen filtered bag will be usedto remove dry, abrasive, gritty and fiber damaging soil from your carpet

Pre-Treatment Your carpets will be treated with our baby, pet and earth safe, hypo-allergenic cleaning agents to break down and suspend difficult soils

FREE Pet Odor Treatment if needed. Guaranteed pet, kid and earth safe

FREE Expert Spotting Our exclusive spotting agents will be used to remove any of your difficult or persistent spots

Allguard™ Sanitizer

Your carpets will treated with our sanitizing , NO-SCENT  deodorizer that inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, dustmites, fungi, mold and odors. You carpets will smell as fresh and as clean as they look

Allguard™Fabric & UV Protector Your carpets will be treated with our exclusive fabric and ultra violet protector so your carpets will receive the maximum in soil, spot, spill and fade protection

Quick Dry Most of your carpets will be dry in about an hour! Plus

 Our exclusive organic, low moisture carpet cleaning process dries quicker and cleans your carpet deeper than the leading dry chemical franchise system    

 You can walk on your carpets right away and you’ll never have to worry about your carpets buckling or spots wicking back and your carpet looking bad after cleaning 

 If your a senior, or if you have seniors living with you, you’ll never have to worry about soaked carpets that can cause slip and fall accidents

    One Year Written Warranty 

  Your residential carpets will be protected by our one year written  warranty. If your spots come back, then so do we!

Plus all our work, whether residential, professional or commercial is covered by

Our Iron Clad 200%, No-Risk No Weasel Clause Guarantee

At your request, we’ll be glad to clean a small test area of your choosing. If you’re not thrilled with the results, we’ll cheerfully leave at no cost or obligation to you. If you decide to continue, we’ll clean all the areas scheduled on your work order. If you’re not pleased with a particular area, we’ll re-clean it for free. If you’re still not delighted,the area in question will cost you nothing. Because nothing is more important to us than your completeand total satisfaction.

 For a FREE no-obligation textile or  floor covering consultation anywhere in Mercer County New Jersey or Bucks County, PA

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