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Why You Should Entrust The All Natural Cleaning Of Your Area Rugs To Allstate

Here at Allstate, we’ve been green cleaning all kinds of valuable area rugs right in America’s most prestigious homes , without incident, for over a quarter of a century. We specialize in cleaning Stark, Edward Fields, wilton, axminster, vintage, antique, bespoke & other custom and hand knotted rugs right on location.

And at Allstate, we feel the less a valuable rug is moved, the less it’s  fibers are traumatized by improper handling, transport, storage, and fluctuations in temperature.

That’s why we’re advocates of on location organic rug cleaning. When you engage us to clean your rugs, they will usually be dry in about an hour. And they are instantly back in service instead of a few weeks or months. Plus most of your fine area rugs will be warranted for one full year in writing.

And when you trust your rugs to Allstate, you avoid the potential damage that can be done to your bare hardwood, marble, stone or resilient floors. And the decor and beauty of your home or office remains undisturbed.

So call us now for a free no obligation area rug consultation anywhere in central NJ or Bucks County, PA at  609-586-5833